Keirenae Hair & Body Butter


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Keirenae Hair & Body Butter

The product comes in 4, 2 or 1 ounces and the consistency is that of a balm or pomade. 

Can be used on Hair and Body!

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  • Baby Powder
  • Brown Sugah
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom
  • Tommy Girl
  • Warm Vanilla
  • Frankincense and Myrrh
  • Leather
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Slay Butter!- a warm almondy scent with a hint of cherry. This product contains no honey but it is our very first scent and crafted with love! This scent is so yummy that it must be dipped in honey! We call this honey dipped it is the most popular scent of our brand! The product comes in 4 ounces and the consistency is that of a balm or pomade. 

Peachy Keen Butter!- This butter is perfect for our summer peaches! This sweet peachy scent is infused with a hint of apricot. You will be keen to use the entire jar in one sitting!

Bella Butter!- This butter lives up to every bit of its name. It's just beautiful and has a light floral scent. For our ladies that want to smell soft and pink.

Chill Butter!- This Butter boasts the traditional  lavender smell. Great for relaxation purposes.

Natural Butter!- This Butter boasts the traditional eucalyptus smell. Great for smoothing over body after a hard workout to relax joints or as a toxin reliever for respiratory ailments. 

The product comes in 4 ounces and the consistency is that of a balm or pomade. 

Ingredients: Shea, and Mango Butters, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel Oils  A blend of Essential and/or Fragrance Oils.

We know how much your skin health is important to you. This product was formulated for people who suffer from dry skin but can be used by anyone. The scent lingers and can stay with you for up to 10 hours. The best way to use this butter is immediately following a shower or bath or handwashing. The butter absorbs best when used on damp skin but may also be used on dry skin.  Yes, this product may be used on both the hair and skin!  Our Butter is great for putting the finishing touch on your favorite hairstyle, skin, ,sun burn relief, itchy flaky scalp and on all hair textures! 

This Butter works at keeping your skin moisturized, providing a double layer of protection against the harsh environment.  Shea butter, which is the main ingredient, has many beneficial properties. The Butters are a fan favorite because although the butter absorbs quickly and the scent lingers with you for hours afterward. Please browse our site to view all of our amazing scents!


If you have a shea butter or nut allergy; this product is not for you. Please do not use or discontinue use if irritation occurs.  A skin patch test is advised as some skin is more sensitive than others


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